Here’s what our clients say

We had a great time with you on our trip. Your language skills and encyclopedic knowledge made a memorable experience. I still cannot believe that we found my relatives so easily. Your driver, Vitaly, was great and got us to Budapest in good time and order. The sadness of the situation in the United States (9/11) may have damped our good spirits but did not detract from the satisfaction that we all received from our Hungarian/Ukrainian adventure. 

          Don Mykytiuk, Haverford, PA

All of us are incredibly grateful to you for making our trip last August an extraordinary experience. We learned more from you that we could ever have imagined; your encyclopedic knowledge of culture, history, Jewish history, art, and architecture added immeasurably to our voyage. When we had planned the trip, we assumed that we would be exhausted and that our three days in Paris would be rest and relaxation. As it turned out, Paris was much harder – we had gotten used to being in your good hands, not worrying about where to eat or logistics. In Paris, the six of us had to negotiate, made decisions about what to do, where to go, when to meet, etc. Much more exhausting than our time with you!

          Hersh Parnes, Seattle, WA

As a journalist chronicling my parents’ experience in the Holocaust, I have been traveling to Ukraine since 1984, during the Soviet period. For Jewish researchers visiting the region, it is essential to work with someone there who knows the subject both broadly and specifically – and, perhaps, more importantly – someone who is known and respected by archivists and therefore can navigate the system.  I was introduced to Alex in February 2017 in Lviv and saw right away what he brings to the table: a thorough understanding of history, a rigorous stamina, fluency in several languages, and connections with transportation and other essential services. Bottom line: if Alex can’t help you get what you need, nobody can. He has helped me greatly, I continue to work with him, and I recommend him without hesitation.

          David Lee Preston, Philadelphia, PA

For more than six years. Alex has provided essential support to our heritage projects in Rohatyn, as a guide and interpreter, and through archives research in Ukraine and Poland. He has helped us create meaningful exchanges with local residents, historians, religious leaders, and the city administration, on dozens of visits to the town over the years. We look forward to many more years of working with Alex to advance our heritage projects.

          Marla Raucher Osborn, President of Rohatyn Jewish Heritage